a poem by Jasper Cheriton

About The Poet

Jasper Cheriton is from Hertfordshire, England. He enjoys writing fiction about magic realism and LGBT narratives, with a research interest in gender studies, queer theory, and fan studies. His poetry often explores themes of childhood and dreaming, along with his own experiences of life as a biracial autistic queer person. He has a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Westminster, and an MA in Creative Writing: Fiction from the University of Roehampton. In December 2018, he presented his paper, “Part Chosen, Part Determined: Questioning the Gender Binary in Goldfinger and The Wasp Factory” at the International Conference on Gender Studies, held at Cambridge University. He presented his paper, “Between the Lines: The Uses of Queer Fanfic” at the Fan Studies Network Conference, University of Portsmouth, in June 2019. His poetry will appear in the forthcoming Winter 2021 issue of Minnow Literary Magazine, and his personal essay in Trans Kink Zine from Easter Road Press later this year.

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