Brave Conversations: Ian Blackwell

1) What does the word “brave” mean to you?

“Brave” means feeling the fear but having a good go anyway and failure be damned.

2) How can writers be brave when working on their own writing?

Writers can be brave by listening to constructive feedback. Some writers don’t take feedback well; I’ve seen arguments break out at writing groups over it. I know what kind of writing I like and it’s important to write how I like. But other writers have pointed out things I’ve never considered before and those experiences have helped me improve. One Last Time an example. 

3) In your story One Last Time, why did you choose for Liam to go to the Liquor Store after his brush with death?

I wanted to get inside the mind of an addict and show how addiction can take control. An addiction is a compulsion to continue administering a substance as a result of repeated administration. It is an illness. A lot of addicts know their addiction is ruining their lives but they continue to indulge in it anyway. A “switch” must turn off part of their brain, making them forget the benefits of abstaining. It’s a twisted survival mechanism.

4) If Liam didn’t go to the Liquor Store, where do you think he may have went?

Liam might have went home and tried to get help to stop drinking. The difference between an addict ruining their life and a functional person contributing to society is the substance administration – nothing else. 

5) If your piece was adapted to a movie, who would you choose to play your main character, Liam, and why?

I watch TV for sports and little else so my knowledge of actors is below average. But I’ve liked every movie I’ve seen Denzel Washington in so I’d pick him. Denzel, you’re a firework. 

6) Can you describe your work in three words?

Addiction destroys lives. 

7) What can readers look forward to from you in the future?

I write short stories but the last two I’ve written have came out much longer than expectedand are taking a lot of time. I’ve plenty of novel ideas but I’m using the current stories to explore and tighten my writing skills. There’s a good chance I’ll self-publish these so readers can expect shameless self-promotion which I might be a natural at. 

About Ian Blackwell

Ian Blackwell lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures, and different ways of thinking. A stray cat chose him as his human. He inherited a sheep skull called Bernard who has the final say in the most important matters.


Twitter: @ianblackwell27


You can read Ian’s story here:

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